Adobe Edge: Code Folding & FTP

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If you are familiar with the coding tool ‘Brackets’ you’ll know how Adobe Edge Code works. I personally like it because of how basic it is and how it is much faster at loading than Dreamweaver. It even has a little preview button for use with Google Chrome and Edge Inspect on mobile devices.Unfortunately, it is lacking in a few key options “out of the box”. When used by itself, you’ll need to have access to an FTP client like Filezilla or Fetch to upload any files to the web. Alternatively, you can have Dreamweaver open and use the built-in FTP. Which defeats the purpose of Edge Code as a standalone application.The other thing that it lacks, which is a HUGE time saver, is the ability to fold entire blocks of code. I don’t know about you, but this is a must have for me when I’m trying to decipher someone’s pages/templates or just making sure my code is organized well.Because of their work with Brackets, the developers over at Github have the extensions FTP Sync and 
Code Folding available. And what makes Edge Code so cool is that these extensions are 100% compatible.

If you are using Edge Code or are just playing around with it, I really recommend these extensions!

FTP Sync

Code Fold

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