Mockingjay Poster

Event Media

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A collection of my favorite event invitations and flyers. Included is the poater used for 2015’s Philadelphia Flower Show invitation and 2015’s Mock Trial poster. The flower show was designed from scratch to mimic a movie poster. The only stock art used were for the flowers. The vines were captured on my phone with Adobe Capture, part of the Creative Cloud mobile suite, and …


Photoshop Playground

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Here are some examples of random projects that I’ve worked on. Nothing in here has a real specific purpose. Some are from various tutorials that I’ve done and some are just from opening Photoshop or Illustrator and playing, trying out combinations and seeing what happens.

charcoal bridge

Photo Manipulation

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Similar to my Photoshop Playground gallery, this is where I just sat down and played around with Photoshop. However these are little experiments on photos that I had taken. Again, there was no end goal in mind when starting. I just opened up a photo and started playing until I found something I liked.

rusted pillars digital painting

Digital Paintings

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Similar to my Photoshop Playground and Photo Manipulation portfolios, here I tried to take photos that I had taken on a photo walk and make digital paintings out of them. In the above image, were some rusted looking pillars overlooking the river in Pittsburgh’s South Side. More info on digital paintings.


BEA Corporate Branding

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When I started with BEA, Inc. in 2008, they had a very simple graphic identity which worked well while they were small. However, as the company grew and added additional products to new and existing product lines, we felt that a brand redesign using a more illustrative base was a better direction. This new direction allowed for many unique designs that were very …