BD Minute Preview

BD Minute Video Series

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The BD Minute is a marketing initiative to develop practical, business development tips for firm professionals to implement easily and with little effort. This project was especially interesting because the logo that we settled on featured a clock/stopwatch that could be animated in various ways to carry the concept through the video series. The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator, but the …


HTML5 Web Ads

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A series of HTML5 banner ads produced for Buchanan within various online business journals. The concept of a countdown timer was used in the print ad and we wanted to have a dynamic ad that would update every time the page loaded. There were 3 types of the ad, a “super leaderboard” for the heading of the page, a “mobile …


Photoshop Playground

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Here are some examples of random projects that I’ve worked on. Nothing in here has a real specific purpose. Some are from various tutorials that I’ve done and some are just from opening Photoshop or Illustrator and playing, trying out combinations and seeing what happens.

charcoal bridge

Photo Manipulation

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Similar to my Photoshop Playground gallery, this is where I just sat down and played around with Photoshop. However these are little experiments on photos that I had taken. Again, there was no end goal in mind when starting. I just opened up a photo and started playing until I found something I liked.

rusted pillars digital painting

Digital Paintings

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Similar to my Photoshop Playground and Photo Manipulation portfolios, here I tried to take photos that I had taken on a photo walk and make digital paintings out of them. In the above image, were some rusted looking pillars overlooking the river in Pittsburgh’s South Side. More info on digital paintings.


Cybersecurity 3D Overview: What not to do

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This video was used during a cybersecurity seminar that one of Buchanan’s attorneys was presenting at. The point of this video was to show a quick overview of common mistakes that people do that can be considered high-risk security issues and just bad practices. Some of which are trash not being taken out, confidential papers not being shredded, visitors being …


BEA LPR36 Installation Video

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The LPR36 is a 36″ low profile push plate from BEA. This quick video was intended to cleanly show the simple steps for a basic installation. The components were taken directly from the CAD files from the engineering team to ensure the most accurate display.