Barnes Buchanan Conference Website

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Barnes Buchanan is a conference set up between Barnes Associates and Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney that specifically targets the security alarm industry. This conference allows the investment community to meet with, and learn from, the industry’s leaders and drive further partnership. This site, originally designed for Adobe’s Business Catalyst platform, was rebuilt from the ground up using the popular DIVI …

BD Minute Preview

BD Minute Video Series

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The BD Minute is a marketing initiative to develop practical, business development tips for firm professionals to implement easily and with little effort. This project was especially interesting because the logo that we settled on featured a clock/stopwatch that could be animated in various ways to carry the concept through the video series. The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator, but the …


Buchanan: Know Greater Partnership

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The “Know Greater Partnership” micro-site is largely used as a recruitment tool for new and lateral campaigns. Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney uses what is known as the “10 Best Kept Secrets of a valued legal partner” to explain how to fully understand what great partnership is all about. Interestingly, the concepts are very universal and apply to many more industries outside …


Buchanan Blogs

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One of the first projects I worked on with Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney was to create a blog/resource center for their newly acquired Immigration practice. The old site used a proprietary CMS and we wanted to standardize all future blogs with WordPress. In the end we had a very useful product that was fully responsive and featured not just blog posts, but an ever expanding …


5 Star Frac Website

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The goal of this project was to give 5 Star Frac (a local company and sister of WGM Gas Company) a new website to promote themselves. The previous one had been built using a standard WYSIWYG editor by an employee. This website is a simple HTML site that is updated on an as-needed basis. No CMS was required. Aspects of this design were later used to revise the company’s branded …


Cybersecurity 3D Overview: What not to do

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This video was used during a cybersecurity seminar that one of Buchanan’s attorneys was presenting at. The point of this video was to show a quick overview of common mistakes that people do that can be considered high-risk security issues and just bad practices. Some of which are trash not being taken out, confidential papers not being shredded, visitors being …


BEA LPR36 Installation Video

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The LPR36 is a 36″ low profile push plate from BEA. This quick video was intended to cleanly show the simple steps for a basic installation. The components were taken directly from the CAD files from the engineering team to ensure the most accurate display.


BEA Corporate Branding

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When I started with BEA, Inc. in 2008, they had a very simple graphic identity which worked well while they were small. However, as the company grew and added additional products to new and existing product lines, we felt that a brand redesign using a more illustrative base was a better direction. This new direction allowed for many unique designs that were very …